definition of failure

Failure comes in many forms and is often a result of lacking knowledge. Missed opportunities to outright mistakes have a direct correlation to lack in knowledge.

Even those with the knowledge often make decisions based on temporary gain or for immediate gratification all the while not understanding or not having the knowledge of the resulting effects. Again – a lack in knowledge.

All fail!  Even the most successful.  Could they have been more successful?  Certainly.  Again, failure to understand, failure to choose a strategy correctly and failure to time and occurrence or an action perfectly can all be lumped into failures.

Failure University [FU] is the antithesis.  It’s where failure goes to thrive.

FU owns the word!  So FU!

FU boldly takes ownership of the word as a not so subtle reminder of empowerment, of the fact that we all fail even while succeeding and politely multiplies negative reactions into positive outcomes.


Our mission is not something that can be summed up in a cute array of synonyms for success.  We are…

  • enablers. Enabling the silent expert within.
  • empowering you.
  • monetizing the unknown expertise.
  • kicking you out of the Walmart® greeter job.
  • eradicating mediocre mindsets.
  • passive supplemental income experts.
  • sabotaging settling.
  • discoverers.  Discovering your wealth of opportunity.
  • psychologic philanthropists.
  • brokers of reciprocity.

Sounds awesome right?  But I bet you’re wondering… what the actual F are you doing?  What does all that hot-lipped woo-woo type mumbo jumbo mean? Simply put, it’s my mission, my one and only mission to empower you and to power you into success.

Success is freedom.  You may need $3,000/mo. to gain yours, Susie Q. may need $20k and I may need $2,000. Whatever that number is, it only represents your idea for having freedom.  That’s what we all want! FREEDOM.

I’m going to show you how.  I’m going to enable you with knowledge. Not just knowledge but THE KNOWLEDGE. I’m going to illuminate the tunnel, I’m going to prove to you… that the light at the other end ain’t no train.  I’m going to do what I’ve been doing for years with many others and show you exactly how to fail at failure.  After all, this is where FAILURE GOES TO THRIVE!